November 23, 2006 at 10:53 pm (Words)

We had a go at Promyvion Dem. We didn’t complete it. It was good.

‘Cos, you know, we had a go, it was a new experience for me. Not sure if it’s usual to take an Alliance or anything but we took a reguler party of 6 and had a crack. Getting to the boss was quite nasty. For some reason 1 or 2 party members didn’t really seem to care for what they were doing. Why did they come? Really annoying. We had people there that were experienced, so listen to them. Seems quite obvious to me. but anyone it could’ve been worse, and we have some experience to take into it next time. I got a drop that sold for 20k so it’s all good. :wink:

Now the boss was quite a weird one. It wasn’t a major challenge on the face of it and things started swimingly. The problem was that he was using a Drain ability that was patching up his health really well, and our mana pool just fell short in the end. We can do it though, for sure. Slightly different party make-up maybe.

After this we setup a party and camped at the Norg zone. We walked through everything there and everyone leveled. Me, the 2 Taru of course, and the others were Japanese with some English. We had no problems communicating and Skillchains and Magic Bursts flowed out once or twice in every battle. I think every agrees that Japanese parties have the edge other American ones. Theres more dedication and pace. You have to stay sharp but you are rewarded for sticking out the whole evening with them, which we did.

Again I find myself missing details and whole nights here and there, Iwill catch up on everything properly. At some point. Maybe. Ehh.

– Unfinal.


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Blah Blah Blah

November 22, 2006 at 5:33 pm (Pictures, Words)

No worries or running out of things to type about, just a headache of where to begin. So much for things slowing down.

I’ll just mention the most awesome thing. I got Dragoon unlucked and leveled to 10. I’ve been anticipating being a Dragoon for a long time and the Job delivers. But damn, the quest really makes you work for it. It is a big acheivment and I stand with all those Dragoons out there that went through it and had a tough time with it. It’s a whole nights task. More if your unlucky. I am once again indebted to my Ninja buddy who pulled me through it with patience and humour. And kicked that Cyranuce’s butt with ease. Silly wannabe Dragon guy.

Since my last 1-10 experience was with WHM, Dragoon is a relevation. Solo’ing against Even Matches and Toughs is just great. Soloing EXP chains. That Wyvern is so damn usefull.

The only problem now is partying the Dunes, again, without my friends. Put it this way, with them we got from 10-16 leveling our Subs, in one session without even trying, it was just fun. Fighting 2 Lizards or 2 Gobs at once. Last night I was banded with such an incompitent bunch of shits I didn’t even break out of level 10. The puller was a PUP, but didn’t display any signs that they were experienced in the game. /p spamming for every little action. Look, nobody cares if you are calling your Automation, or Dismissing it, or whatever. “Unbind that Shit” to quote a certain well known webcomic. They were incapable of pulling a single Mob without training another 4, so we had to zone. We only had like 3 succesfull fights. The WHM didn’t rest between fights, because ‘lol I dint notice’. Yeah thats funny. Leader was a pushy bitch who was not as good as her bark. I even gave her some Orange Juice to be nice, she didn’t use it, instead she just disbanded when it went shit.

Thank fuck I went and met up with my Taru friends again and did some work on my Main. The difference is like night and day.

Today I vow never to accept a party invite without inquiring about the compitence and experience of the party first. It has to be done I’m afraid.

Turning into a ranting bitch but it is frustrating.

I think I’ll unlock Ranger tonight just for the sport. It’s one small paragraph of work. Compare that to Dragoon’s four. Four paragraphs that hide a hidden pain, an ordeal, deep between the lines.

– Unfinal.

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12/11/06 – Fashion Quadav

November 20, 2006 at 4:08 pm (Words)

Posts have slowed down abit lately, because my progress has too. Mostly been running around spending too much money on things like… Juice. And Flowerpots.

But anyway, did do something of note on the 12th, the LS I joined met up to do a Bastok Garrison. I didn’t know what to expect, but I like getting involved in stuff and helping when I can so I turned up. Turnout was miles better than I expected, we ended up having more than enough people and did the thing 4 times in a row. 4 times 3 waves of quadav with a 3 party alliance plus about 2 parties worth of NPCs = Alot going on. More so, infact, than my PC could handle, meaning I didn’t really help much. I ended up taking on the task of just making sure all the NPCs and party members were back to full health in between waves, and resting during the actual fights. Otherwise I would have done nothing. So yeah, cue me feeling stupid again at my inaction as people went unhealed in the thick of battle. It was unplayable my end though. I won’t be doing it again untill a PC upgrade. Which will be sooner rather than later I hope.

So the highlight of all this at least getting to experience to feeling of being surrounded by your buddies, the banter, so much happening, so many people gathered together, it was exciting. Lowlight was the treasure. I think the arguing other drops is fucking pathetic. Our leader tried in vein to keep everyone happy, but unfortuantly you can’t stop children from getting onto the internet. I wish you could. 18+ only online, that would work. I’m serious. At least people clever enough to act old enough to make think they are mature enough to be let loose on the internet. No bother though. In the online world at least, you can choose your friends.

Whats weird though is some of the drops are mannequin peices. I have to wonder what Quadav are doing with mannequins…

Someone got someĀ  screenshots I think but their yet to surface with them so I’ll try and get them soon.

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November 16, 2006 at 8:45 pm (Pictures)

That is all.

– Unfinal.

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Backwards & Fowards.

November 16, 2006 at 11:31 am (Words)

Writing about what I was going to write about now, reminded me to write about what I should have wrote about before this, so I’ll do it all now. Keep up. This doesn’t have a date in the title because I have 3 days to note.

First off we have the 13/11/06. I forgot about this, but as I said, thinking about the 14/11 post I was going to do, jolted my memory. It was Kazham airship questing. This involves collecting 3 treasure chest keys, and rather than using them to collect treasure, you trade them in from the Airship pass. Me, and of course my semi-static party of the two Tarus, handled this pretty easily when doing the Palborough Mines keys, then our uber-awesome Ninja friend decided to come along for the ride, making the Giddeus and Yughott Grotto ones even easier. The Giddeus portion was the only realy bitch of a task, it took ages. But we got the 9 keys we needed.

14/11/06 – This one is where the title comes from. The day started SHIT for me, seriously. I needed to do the majority of the last rank 2 mission, and I failed in utter frustration. I couldn’t get a warp to Windy from Sandy, so I had to chocobo ride. It took a long time. Once there I had the pain of running around Windy. It took along time. Then I had to goto Giddeus and do the magic shield part of the Mission. I forgot a map, my guide had outdated infomation, so I didn’t even do this part, let alone the Bastok part. I was tearing my hair out, so I decided just to aggro 10 Yagudo and let them rape me. Even that, took along time, since they only hit me like 1 round in 10.

So I gave that up, and the call came that it was time to head to Kazham, finally get to use that Airship pass. Now this went much better. The Mandragora are easy. Very easy. And give good XP, so we wiped through them untill it was time to call it a night. I had work next morning, so unfortuantly it was an early night on my part.

15/11/06 was another bad day in all fairness. Got back from work and got straight on. What I’d missed last night was reaching 30, and what I was missing today was doing that Mission with my friends. So now I’m behind. This meant joining my first pick-up party since meeting the Taru pair. And the frustation was unbearable.

Warning, this is a rant.

The WHM of the party sends me a tell, saying that I, THE RED MAGE, should stick to damage spells, so he, THE WHITE MAGE, can cast more spells, specificly enfeebs. This was after the first fight, apparantly he had only cast 2 spells and was bored.

Listen, FUCK YOU.

He tells me he’ll take Slow, Paralyze, and Blind. Great, I’ll take… Dia? Bio? Wait no, the Summoner had Bio covered.


So, the party NEVER had Barsleep up, thanks to the WHM. Protect and Shell keep going uncast, thanks to the WHM. Both tanks were constantly under 2/3rds health, thanks to the WHM. And we had to keep stopping every 2 fights for his stupid; “OUT OF MP WARNING <mp>MP!!!!” fucking macro. To top it all off, he didn’t even use food. No, scrap that, to top it all off, he was level 25/07, if I remember correctly. *sigh*

Congratu-fucking-lations on being the biggest idiot I’ve had the displeasure of partying with since about level 14. That is a big acheivement on your part.

My computer’s connection dropped after an hour or 2 of this, got an error, no responce from the server. I gave up for the night. It just wasn’t worth it.

– Unfinal.

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12/11/06 – Passing the downtime.

November 13, 2006 at 6:02 pm (Words)

As I write this, the long downtime is underway. Gives me a chance to write-up some things at least.

Firstly, my own little Chick has hatched, a male, named Innocent Fox. He is too damn cute. Can’t wait ’till I can call on him whenever needed. That’ll be such a nice luxery.

Also my subjob, WHM, is all setup to cap untill main main Job, RDM, gets into the 30’s. Me and the Tarus hit the Valkurn Dunes, we hooked up with another friend who decided to level Paladin, made a new friend in a Taru BLM, and a Japanese Mage joined us. So again I got another veiw of party setups. 2 melees and 4 mages. This worked really well in its own right, and made a change from the fact that I have mostly been used to 4 melee 2 mage setups. Firstly kepping aggro was not a problem. The Paladin is a good player as it is, and the class seemed to work for him. It was very helpfull having so much back-up mana too. This was my first party experience as a WHM, I was alittle nervious, but damn, we could OVER cure at leisure so I was never in danger of doing a bad job. The Paladin could keep cures on himself for the sake of it, to keep aggro, my Taru WHM friend who was using RDM could enfeeble, then rest, allowing me to cure without worry. If I ran out of mana in a long fight, I could tap out, she could get up and take over, working in tandem. We worked the small Konschtat side of the Dunes first at L-10 or there abouts. Pulling gobs and Lizards, usually 2 at a time. I used Benediction during this period but other than that one occaission we were barely tested. I think it was a case of fighting 2 lizards who Petrified the PLD, and then 2 goblins who both pulled out Bomb Drops than brought me to using it.

After a couple of dings all around, we moved on. I *think* we were around I-9, or J-10, I’m not certain but it was a great camp. I had a really safe little ledge to situate myself, we had a cover of trees in front of us and pulled Clippers and Goblins into out little corner nicely. We all got to 15, it was a great time, no difficulties at all. It was really impressive redoing the Dunes again with a whole party that had subjobs and prior experience. All the frustration was gone and we really tore the place apart. At this point our Japanese mage had to say good night, and the idea got passed around that we hit the Worms in Korroloka Tunnel as 5.

Heh, it was a wild one. We headed right down deep, the Worms hit hard, spawn quick, link, and have a stupidily longe magic range. We had one or two loses but it was merely a case of adjusting to the tempo. This involved spamming cures, and resting whilst someone else took over to spam cures, they rested, I got up and continued, and so on. We pretty much all got to 16 and it was time to call it a night. Whilst we were here, it couldn’t be so hard to grab our Altep crystals… Could it?

Well, one thing slipped our minds. It’s guarded by hardcore Anticas. Ah well, we were here now, and ran at them. They one-shotted my little Taru, so I got my crystal and trained them all on me. I took them safely away and the rest of the party got their crystals. I would’ve even have survived if I had a map, as I made it right to the edge of the map. Unfortuantly though it was not a zone, but an invisible wall, and they took me down. A fun end to the night.

Next order of the day is doing Mission 2/3. It involves a god-awfull lot of running around to the major cities, then a Dragon fight. Fun fun.

– Unfinal.

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10/11/06 – The Epic

November 12, 2006 at 4:52 pm (Pictures, Words)

Ok, ‘The Epic’ is abit much. I’m still small fry in an ocean of bloated, over-equipped sea of level 75… Whales. Yes Whales. To them I’m still a pilchard.

I am going to start again. 10/11/06 – It was a rather long night.

Yes, it was a long night. But that title isn’t as snappy. First order of of the day, my Subjob still needed abit of work, it still does, but anyway. I met with my Taru friends again. They had another friend online that was pretty new to the game. We decided to head to the areas around Windhurst to help her level. This gave me an oppurtunity for a few new firsts. First boat trip, seeing Mhaura, Windhurst and it’s surrounding fields, and picking up my Mea crystal. Not much to say about this, got to what was my cap at this point, level 10. Nothing EVER happens worth typing about from level 1 to 10. Funnily enough I do see alot of journals that think it’s interesting. Oh god I’m one of them. I’ll stop.

Moving on then. Our mission statement was to get from level 20 to 25 tonight. That didn’t quite happen, but the evening was still more succesfull that I could’ve hoped. We made the journey to Jeuno, adventurer’s mecca, and already we had a party all set to meet. These Taru don’t mess around. We met up outside the entrance to Qufim Island. The party was 4 Taru and 2 Mithra including me. The other Mithra was a Dragoon. God I need to be a Dragoon. Have to love Lances and your own personal Wyvern. We were MNK, WHM, RDM, WAR, SAM, DRG then, not including Subjobs. As far as I remember. This works as long as your WHM is on point. Ours of course, is. Alot of people would argue for a 3 melee, 3 mage setup. I would argue you can make nearly any party make-up work. And in the process of doing things differently from the standard, have alot of fun.

Qufim Island, a pretty desolate place. More so than Guild Wars. Yet I adore the landscapse. Especially the harsh, freezing shoreline at G-8. It’s very atmospheric. It has the same big level range and dangers of Valkurn and manages to contain just as many idiots. So you have to be carefull. Of the high level mobs, and the idiots.

Our first ‘camp’ was at the frozen lake. Well, pond. Since we could only take on Worms, this is the only viable camp for a level or two, although it’s a mad dash to onto the pond at 2000 hours when Banshee spawn and it’s too dangerous. I say ‘camp’ because the process of hunting Worms at the frozen pond doesn’t involve camping and pulling. It involves sprinting ’round and ’round in circles untill somone claims a Worm before any number of other parties running around doing the same. My computer seriously hated me for this. It really can’t handle too many character models on screen, I was lagging badly, not helping my party in the least, felt an arse, and getting a headache. I was told the first couple of levels in Qufim are the worst, and I whole-heartidly agree. I will argue the case of leveling to 21 or 22 at Valkurn the next time around to avoid this. Alas, we did the job and everyone made it to 22.
After this, and only a death or two, we moved on (YES!), and swapped out a Tarutaru WAR, for a Galka one. I love having Galka tanks, their hit points are awesome. This always makes me feel alot more settled for some reason. He was a nice guy too. I was thinking of calling it a night at this point. The half-a-frame a second running around the frozen pond had hammered me. But I was alot more settled once we sat down at around F-6. A proper camp and less lag. This perked me up abit, although we had abit of a run in with Giant who chased us into the zone at the Tower. Watching the first Chains of Promathia cutscence was a nice change in pace, at least.

Things were alittle busy around the tower, but as usual our MNK Taru led the way with experience and led us through every juicy camp in Qufim, untill we settled at my current favorite place. The frozen coast of G-8. Elementals and a NM spawn-point mean you have to stay alert but I still really like this place. We all got to 24 here before I and all included had to collapse. We did loose our tank and my beloved Taru WHM once too this INVINSIBLE Pugil, but we did a got job. Hopefully even I did a half-decent one although I feel I could’ve got a heal on the WHM before she went down, shame on me for not. As the only other mage I had a responsibility to keep her covered and I didn’t on that occaision.

On another note, Square-Enix can’t fool me, Sauromugue Champaign, it’s just WWII Russia! Not an original fantasy setting. Heads down, watch for snipers!

Busy camp at the STUPID PONDY THINGY;

DRG looking tired, awww;

– Unfinal.

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Link Drop.

November 9, 2006 at 4:40 pm (Words)

Just a quick one, I remembered I had an account over at – and the character profiler over there is really nice, making it easier to keep the journal updated with my latest ‘main’ setup. Saving me alot of time on the ‘About Page’.

Theres me. Not filled in all the skills details, because I do not have them in memory, silly.

In other news, my chocobo is apparantly wanting out of the egg. Can’t wait!

– Unfinal.

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8/11/06 – NMs too.

November 8, 2006 at 8:14 pm (Words)

Add a few Notorious Monsters to today’s achievements.

I wasn’t really up for starting Qufin yet, so I was reading around for low-level NMs to have a go at. My first idea was to find Jaggedy-Earred Jack. This was a stupid idea, his drop is worth alot, yes, but it’s a rare drop and just finding the thing can be tough. So I rethought things after about 30 minutes of that, and read up that Spooks is a good NM to go for, since his spawn is consistant. I headed to the Tomb and noticed another player stood about. He was obviously camping for Spooks too , so he took the first spawn at 20:00, he done the job in one round, and ran off. I waited for a second spawn which happened at around 0200. Banish was effective, and apart from having a few more skills, he was no different from a weak Decent Challenge opponent. He dropped the Traveler’s Mantle. From here, I decided to go and do Bigmouth Billy too, just for the sport. I exit the tomb and go to cross the river only to see a Pugil named Swamfisk, another NM I’d never heard of. ‘Oh well’ I thought, no reason not to give it ago. Enstone’d myself, Slow’d him, bashed him for abit. Luckily he was another low-level NM like Spooks and Bigmouth, and he fell with no trouble, dropping a Rare and Exclusive Gelong Staff, these are well liked for the added HP per tick given whilst Healing, so it’ll stay in my backpack. To finish off this very lucky trip, Bigmouth Billy was also waiting for me, but he only dropped a chunk of Mithral Ore. Back at San D’oria, the back-peice Spooks drops was selling for 60k and 70k, so I put it up for 50k, and headed back, I’d finally found a viable source of income so I could pay my own way, I thought. I defeated Spooks 3 more times with no drop and gave up for now. Ok, maybe not *that* great, but 50k for maybe an hour or two’s work is better than selling Crystal stacks for pittance. The Traveler’s Mantle had already sold, so I was able to update all my spells, and add a Self Bow with 99 Fang Arrows to my gear, which isn’t terribley usefull to a RDM, no… But… I dunno, have gil, will spend!

Unless theres some wierd variable that means Spooks will only drop the Mantle once for any given person (I don’t think thats the case, perhaps once in 24 Earth hours at most), I think I’ll be making this journey a fair bit now inbetween XP camping in Qufin. I’ll need to keep coming back to San D’oria anyway to check on my Chocobo Egg, so this will make the journeys all the more worthwhile.

Oh and I traded some CP for a Return Ring, and took some supplies to Valkurn Outpost, riding there from San D’oria, running to the Crag, and riding to Jueno. Riding a Chocobo is really great, you get the funky tune for a start.

– Unfinal.

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8/11/06 – Chocoday.

November 8, 2006 at 12:43 pm (Pictures, Words)

I rode a Chocobo for the first time today, and also got myself a egg set up at the stables so I can have my own to call on one day. Renting a Chocobo is really great. It’s cheaper than I could have imagined and takes all the tedim away from travelling on foot. You can actually start enjoying the more aggressive areas you pass through, without fear of being killed whilst sightseeing landscapes and beasts. 100-200gil to get from Jeuno to San D’oria in a couple of minutes is very fair. Heres some shots;

Other than than I got my WHM to 7, so I’m RDM20/WHM7. Nope, still not capping, but that 1-10 leveling deal is so tedious. I know I need to though. Got a stack of 99 Ginger Cookies. Updated my spells list some. Yesterday I got hooked up with the gear you see above and settled with the layout of Jeuno and Qufin. whilst we did the Chocobo Wounds quests. Havn’t met up yet today but we might later. Some other general business I need to do is clear my Mog House out at the Auction House, but the 7 item limit is an utter bitch. I’ve got 8 stacks of crystals, skins, bonecraft related stacks, and other misc. peices all ready to go. BUY MY STUFF PLZ, etc.

Oh, and I havn’t done an intro post yet. Mithran, focusing on Red Mage first, Cerberus server. Here I am:

See you around maybe.

– Unfinal.

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